Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Re-worked images of fab Sridevi stills found on Instagram/tumblr etc. Many of the pics are familiar to the Indian actresses' hardcore fanatics and we love this series we've found on tumblr, instagram and other social networking sites. Sridevi is famously not on the network often - we've heard from reliable sources that that the tweets and 'likes' and favs are a collaborative effort, not just by Sriji herself (who is busy having, you know, a life!). She was often on during English Vinglish's promos, but that's dwindled down too. There are some snaps she's posted herself, others by either Boney Kapoor (the effusive and ever supporting hubby) or her daughters. Eg When Sridevi's holiday pics went viral online, no one was more surprised than she herself and the actress stated in an interview with TOI, one of her kids must have posted the pics.

But we don't want to burst the bubble of many fans who get thrilled beyond belief when the actress responds to their msgs. =0)

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