Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lamhe (1991)

When Lamhe was released on November 4, 1991, some film distributors found the (gorgeous!) film a bit lengthy. At 187 minutes (i.e. three hours and seven minutes), sure, it's not everyone's cuppa chai latte. So a few distributors chopped off the song 'Mohe chedho na' when showcasing the film.

Sridevi in Lamhe. Click to enlarge

What a tragedy! This gorgeous number, sung beautifully by Lata Mangeshkar, danced ever-so-gracefully by Sridevi, with her usual artillery of innumerable expressions, is divine. We urge you to get the uncut DVD from the official web site. It is easily one of Yash Chopra/Sridevi/Anil Kapoor/Anupam Kher's best film. Ever. And this gem of a number, underrated by a mile, should not be missed.

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