Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Puli (2015)

Sridevi from the film Chandni
Recently, while shooting for her Tamil film Puli, Sridevi didn’t mind waiting for over four hours for her shot owing to production mismanagement. It seems she was even patient when co-actor Hansika Motwani wasn’t getting her lines right. That’s not all. Supposedly, every time Sridevi would give her shot, the unit guys and those present would clap loudly in appreciation. Clearly, they don’t make them like her anymore.

Newsbyte from Filmfare

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  1. There are or Only two actors, One Sivaji Ganeshan and the other no other than the Only Supper Star Sreedevi aka Sridevi. Both of them have the affinity to get into the character and command it without any guidance.