Thursday, 29 September 2016

On A Film Set: Sridevi

On the sets of the film Chandramukhi, a colossal flop written by Salman Khan (no less!), Sridevi did however look gorgeous throughout the film. By her own admittance (in MOVIE magazine interview)  in the 90s, she did say that she got the maximum flak for this and the film Chand Ka Tukda. 

Written as a children's fantasy film (that borrowed heavily from movies such as the Tom Hanks film BIG and the Telugu supernatural-fantasy film, Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari!), shoddy direction and editing made this movie mostly unwatchable. And yet, thanks to the Facebook fan page of Sridevi (see here), we find that, indeed there are fans of this movie! Esp younger gen who saw the film on TV and ended up liking the frothy adventure! Go figure.

We didn't care for the film. At all. But have seen the songs and Sridevi in it repeatedly. She's just gorgeous throughout the movie! 

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