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Lata Mangeshkar remembers Sridevi

Feb 25
Yaqeen nahi ho raha ki itni choti umr mein Sridevi chali gayi.Kya kahu’n kuch samajh mein nahi aaraha hai.Boney Kapoor aur unki do betiyo’n ke dukh mein main shamil hun.

Lata Mangeshkar on Rediff:
"My family and Boney Kapoor's family have always been very close," says Lata Mangeshkar, remembering Sridevi with affection. "Whenever there is a family function, Sridevi would come with her husband. She was always warm and affectionate."

When she first heard that Sridevi was no more, Lataji thought it was a cruel prank. "I've been a victim of hoax deaths often enough. But then someone told me it is true, Sridevi is no more. "How could fate be so cruel? So young, so beautiful and such a long way to go!" 

"Sridevi has lip-synced some of my best songs in recent years, including the iconic Mere haathon mein nau nau churiya hain in Chandni and Morni baghan ma in Lamhe." "Her expressions in these two dance numbers matched my voice. I felt happy watching her dance to my songs," Lataji says.

"Maze ki baat yeh hai, Sridevi told me she never learnt dancing. Not formally. When she was a child, she just followed the dance steps that were given to her. She learnt to dance on camera. And to be so good at it!" Lataji recalls. "Her combination with Yashji (Yash Chopra) was extra special. I love her expressions in my song Tere mere hothon pe in Chandni. She understood music and the emotions underlining the lyrics," she adds.

Lata Mangeshkar sang Ek tu hi bharosa hai from Pukar, which Sridevi's husband Boney Kapoor produced, starring her brother-in-law Anil Kapoor. She remembers Sridevi being present while shooting the song Ek tu hi bharosa hai for Boney Kapoor's Pukar. "I remember I had not only sung a devotional song Ek tu hi bharosa hai in Pukar , but also appeared in the film to sing it. Sridevi was there during the shooting. She suggested I wear a more colourful sari, but I told her I'd like to be seen on screen wearing the white sari with a coloured border that I wear at my stage concerts." "Sridevi readily agreed. 'Aap jaisa chahen bilkul waisa hi kijiye', Lataji remembers.

"I will always remember her as a very beautiful human being. God seems to summon such people a little quickly."

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