Thursday, 3 May 2018

Sridevi's family at the National Awards Ceremony 2018

The profound loss of Sridevi is something we have yet to come to terms with... what the family is going through, we cannot even imagine.

Janhvi Kapoor wearing her mother's sari
Last night, Sridevi's daughters and husband were in New Delhi to collect the Best Actress Award posthumously awarded to... sigh.. the late, great Indian actress, Sridevi. For the film Mom which was released last year where the hard-hitting film packed a punch thanks to the memorable performances by the entire cast, not just Sridevi, who once again proved she is... was the greatest actress of her time. 

In honouring her mother, Sridevi's first-born, Janhvi, wore a vintage sari worn previously by her mother back in 2013. She styled it in her own way. Sridevi's youngest, Khushi Kapoor, wore a traditional south Indian style ensemble, honouring her mother's roots. A visibly emotional Boney Kapoor collected the award from the President of India.

Khushi Kapoor.
In a peerless career studded with stunning performances, we deeply wish the honourable judges had bestowed the recognition while Sridevi was alive. There are nearly a dozen, if not more, award-worthy performances that were overlooked for whatever reason, when we fans of Indian cinema feel Sridevi should have been honoured. Oh well. Der aaye durust aaye...

 These are some of our fav moments from last night's ceremony.

Like mother, like daughter... 
Sridevi back in 2013, Janvhi in 2018

Sridevi's daughter Khushi and Janhvi cling to each other as they head to the dais 
Sridevi's beautiful children. 
Sridevi's family with Vinod Khanna's family. Both were honoured posthumously. Akshay Khanna was of course also part of the film Mom and seen applauding loudly at the event when the family went up to pick up Sridevi's award

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