Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sridevi with her younger sister Srilatha, mother Rajeshwari and father Ayappan

The one person who knows Sridevi inside out, her only sister Srilatha. Pre marriage, Srilatha used to accompany Sridevi on film sets, locations, events and parties. After marriage, she's all but disappeared from the public eye and snaparazzi. Here are some rare pics from the past of the two sisters. The two were inseparable back in the day and apparently one was confused as the other in Mumbai when Sri was new!

Also in the series below, Sridevi with her beloved family; mother Rajeshwari, sister Srilatha and brother-in-law Sanjay Rangaswamy.

Sridevi's mother Rajeshwari with Sridevi 

As Sridevi has repeatedly said in several interviews throughout the 1980s (pre-marriage to Boney Kapoor and long before the birth of her children Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor), she's happiest and most comfortable only in the company of her immediate family; father Ayyappan, mother Rajeshwari and sister Srilatha. All of which is reflected in these pics.

Below pic of Sridevi holding her mother's arm is an all-time favourite picture. How gorgeous all the ladies look... 

Sridevi with her sister Srilatha and mother Rajeshwari

Sridevi's mother Rajeshwari, Sridevi and Srilatha

Sridevi with sister Srilatha
Rajeshwari and Srilatha
Sisters in arms: Srilatha with Sridevi

Sridevi, Rajeshwari (Sridevi's mother) and Srilatha (Sridevi's younger sister)

Sridevi with her mother Rajeshwari
Sridevi with her only sister Srilatha 

Sridevi at her sister Srilatha's wedding reception, seen here with sister Srilatha and brother-in-law Sanjay Rangaswamy
Sridevi, Karunanidhi, Sridevi's father Ayyappan, sister Srilatha and Srilatha's husband
Sridevi, Vinod Mehra, Sridevi's brother-in-law, Sridevi's sister Srilatha, Rishi Kapoor
Sridevi and Srilatha at Filmfare Awards in the 1980s

Sridevi, Srilatha and Rajeshwari at a film premiere
Ayappan with Sridevi

The late great Gautam Rajadhyaksha took this family portrait of Sridevi with her parents, father Ayyappan and mother Rajeshwari and sister Srilatha. As Sridevi said in an televised interview, her Telugu mother and Tamil father makes her the ultimate South Indian actress
born in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. 

Sridevi and Srilatha photographed by Gautam Rajadhyaksha for Cine Blitz magazine in the 1980s

Sridevi's family

Sridevi with sister Srilatha

Actor Rajesh Khanna in conversation with sisters Srilatha and Sridevi

Sridevi and Srilatha on the sets of Joshilay

Sridevi and Srilatha

Srilatha and Sridevi at a party in Jeetendra's house

Srilatha and Sridevi at home

Above: Rajeshwari Ayappan (Sridevi's mother) with Sridevi in Delhi, circa 1989

Maheshwari, Srilatha and Sridevi


  1. What Wonderful photos of Sridevi with her sister.She would have been happiest I feel if she just remained in the South doing her Tamil and Telugu films rather than have moved to Bollywood where life got more sophisticated for a simple Southern girl.She was treated with respect by the Southern Actors.

    1. That's an extremely uninformed opinion. Kindly watch Bardwaj Rangan's video on why Sri shifted to Bollywood to catapult her resplendent career.

  2. If she did Tamil one per year from 1987_1996 it would have been a different story