Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Sridevi from 'Moments of Rage' from LAMHE. Too brilliant. Acting, dancing, expression, movement. She's too damn good.

g magazine's review, editor Bhawana Somaya's take:

Sridevi in Lamhe

If anyone has the slightest doubt that Sridevi is the most versatile star-actress on the scene today, he just needs to see Lamhe. As Pallavi, the daughter of a Rajasthani thakur, she exudes a mature charm, a love for life. Yet, the hidden longing for her beloved is reflected in those luminous eyes in a split second.

But it's as Pooja that she completely bewitches you. She is vivacious, exuberant and irrepressibly bubbly 18-year-old. That's the role Sridevi seems to love to play the best. The child in her surfaces immediately, be it in a restrained way in Sadma or as the street-smart prankster in Chaalbaaz. Her movements are fluid and slick in the song and dance sequences, especially in the aerobics number done to release her anger and humiliation on being spurned by the man she loves. Her sense of the comic, which is given ample scope in the medley sequence, is superb. In the emotional scenes too, her eyes instantly convey the hurt she is so easily prone to. Her films may flop at the box-office but Sridevi is surely a hit.

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