Sunday 18 December 2011

Fan Encounter: When fans met 'the' Sridevi

Vedhika4u Vedhika
Woo hoo destined to get a pic. Bumped into sridevi mam at bloomingdales. Humility personified.

From Arpan Bhattacharya, "The day Sridevi arrived she was very tired, but when telling her that I was her huge fan and wanted her autograph, she promised me that she would give that to me later, as she is not running away! Later, the following day, when she came down for the event, she herself noticed me me standing in the lobby, she waved at me, while holding her hand with Boneyji. Later in the evening, while escorting her to her room, she gave her autograph. And she very sweetly asked me "Do u have a camera?"

Then I asked her for a photograph. This shows how great she is even after being a superstar she did not break her promise. And smiled and went back to Mumbai. WOW! Sach mein it is a dream come true."

SRIDEVI with other fans

Sridevi on the sets of Chand Ka Tukda


  1. thank u so much very one...i wish each one of u whoever wants to meet gets to see her real life....

  2. Thank you very much all of u for posting these pics..I just hope thet one day i will also post such a picture..that will be the happiest day of my life...

  3. i dont have ne words for u mam.....

    i wanna b ur friend
    i wanna b ur brother
    i wanna b ur father
    i wanna b ur dress
    i wanna b ur chair
    i wanna b ur smile
    i wanna b ur everything
    but i can't...........
    im happy when i c u........

  4. mam i want to be your friend iam ur great fan i want to meet u i saw ur film english vinglish film was very nice

  5. hi mam how r u? iam your great fan i want to be your friend i want to meet u please give me 1 chance to meet u