Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Shahid Kapoor

Long before English Vinglish hit the cinema, Shahid Kapoor had said at an event, on the red carpet that he was really looking forward to watching Sridevi on the big screen again. And after the film's release, he mentioned that it was one of his favourite performances of the year 2012.

Originally, Sridevi was going to do a medley with just Prabhu Deva at IIFA, but young Shahid did a surprise bit with Sridevi on stage to the tune of "Chandni oh meri Chandni". The little skit and jig was adorable - kindly note the joyful expression on both the stars as they perform together on stage - for the first time ever. As "Sasha" said, "The dancing Devi and dancing Deva together."

As one of the best dancers in the industry today, Shahid Kapoor was amazing on stage and Sridevi was, what can we say, peerless, magical, dreamy... We'd run out of adjectives sooner than Sri would run out of expressions. 

Kapoor & Kapoor; Sridevi and Shahid!


  1. When and where can we watch the video of sridevi's performance, plz do let me know??

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