Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sridevi in San Francisco

Sridevi in San Francisco. Sridevi's on a tour of sorts in the US. Looking gorgeous.

Sridevi, image by Shubham Garg

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Other images from the event:
Sridevi's peerless popularity!
Sridevi with Laksmi Moorty


  1. Sridevi looks fantastic in jeans trousers and yellow tops.Even at the age of the age of 50, she has the figure to wear shorts too.Hope she does.

  2. Yes I was there in san francisco and met Sridevi. I ahve posted many Comments on this site but cannot see any of them rama. I made aVideo welcome to Sridevi and presented her with a Photo album of all pix I took of her Parents. . I get all your posts to my Email address but I cannot post anything here. on my facebook Page I have posted my Photos withSridevi. I made her smile and rocked the crowd.