Friday, 22 March 2019

Baby Sridevi with her beloved father

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Rare pic of baby Sridevi with her much beloved father, the erstwhile lawyer Ayappan.  

In Sridevi', "My Page" in Stardust magazine 1988, she said of her father, "One person I truly hero-worshiped was my father. I think I was more fond of my father than my mother. I missed him a lot. Maybe being a lawyer he was busy with his court cases. One day I pestered him to take me along to court. I wanted to see what it would be like. My, what an argumentator he was! Loud and aggressive, hitting out at his opponent, who was actually a good friend of the family. It was nearly an hour and a half later that the case came to an end. And then what do I see? My father walking towards his opponent, putting an arm around his shoulders, laughing with him, like they were the best of friends. I couldn’t quite believe what I saw. How could a man be such a loving father at home and behave so differently outside?

 Of course, now I can understand, because I am in a similar situation today. My glamorous image is quite different from the real-life person I am at home. In fact no director has ever projected me even remotely close to my true self in any of my pictures."

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