Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mr India

Sridevi! From the last 'antra' (stanza) of Mr.India's spunky and hysterical song 'Hawa Hawaii'!

Before you raise your brows on the fashion quota of this attire, kindly remember, it was the 1980s! Not only a questionable era for films, but also for fashion, music and what not in Bollywood. The sequins, the bright red strip of fabric and the fake flowers and the black and white patterned skirt and the heavy, glossy make-up... Only Sri makes it all work with her memorable moves and innumerable expressions in this timeless and bubbly song.

The song, spiritedly sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy (originally supposed to have composed for Aasha Bhosle - however, Aashaji was on a world tour at the time) gave her her biggest hit of the decade. Both singer and star are fans of each other and Kavita went on to sing several songs for Sri in the ensuing years.

Click to enlarge!

This film and in this song in particular remains a huge hit with kids. Despite the so-so special effects, the movie is immensely watchable because it really isn't about the technology but the story-telling, memorable characters and a brisk narrative that makes this vintage 80s flick so gleefully entertaining.


  1. Who designed her costumes in Mr. India?

  2. These seems to be her off-screen pics. Thanks u so much for sharing. She is looks absolutely stunning in this costume. I was looking her images in this costume while she was persorming and giving superb expressions.