Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit

There are far too many pointless polls online comparing actresses Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit. Fanning the ire and flames of fanatics who have a little too much time for idle, idol worship (we include ourselves among them!). All of its painfully dull. The only amusing feature on the two I've read so far comes from long-lost MOVIE magazine years ago. It's a fun feature. Check it out.


1... started their careers in deglamourised roles in long forgotten flops. Sri, with Solva Saawan; Madhuri with Abodh. Turned up a couple of years later with sparkling new, glam images in the commercial mainstream.

2... are soft-spoken, diplomatic and secretive by nature.

3... conceal iron hands within velvet gloves. Are disciplined, professional, cautious and competitive in their careers.

4... are invaluably indebted to choreographer Saroj Khan for those turn-on top-of-the-charts numbers which pull in the MTV generation.

5... are also critically acclaimed actresses.

6... couldn't resist the fatal charm of a married hero and yet, despite becoming seriously involved (Sri with Mithun, Madhuri with Sunjay dutt), both not only kept their affair under wraps but also adroitly slipped away before a scandal could shatter their images.

7... come from conservative families and yet are ready to drop their inhibitions instantly at the first sound of "Sound... lights... camera... ACTION!"

8... are smart enough to coolly calculate the importance of every man to do with their careers and yet leave it to "mummy" to make the most major decision of their lives, i.e. choosing a husband for them.

9... unanimously admire previous No:1, Hema Malini.

10... ignore each other's very existence. Mention the others' name and their eyes go glacially blank.

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