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Sridevi and Arvind Swami in Deva Raagam (1996): Sridevi's last Malayalam film

Sridevi with Aravind Swami in the last Malayalam film she did, Deva Raagam (1996). The movie was OK, but the music was sensational!

Sridevi was flawless. There were some rumblings that she looked older than her co-star in the film... but all we remember was how absolutely stunning Sri looked in her designer ethnic wear, ghaghras and traditional South Indian attire.

Tubby Aravind Swamy was, truth be told, no match for Sridevi's superstar aura. Though he was riding the fame of Roja, he didn't measure up to Sridevi in any way or form. He was only seven years younger than Sridevi but oddly enough, looked older than slim-n-trim Sri. Or so we believe. 

The songs of Deva Raagam are absolutely brilliant. Check out the title song: Deva Raagam. Or, in fact, any other number from this film on YouTube. Even if you don't understand the language, the grace and beauty of Sridevi is undeniable and immensely watchable.

Due to Sridevi's overwhelming popularity, the film was released in Tamil and Telugu centres too. The film was a disappointment at the box-office, despite stellar performances by the cast and faultless work by the crew. Though the film faded in film halls quickly, its songs have lived on in television and audio sales were rocking for the movie.

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Deva Raagam (1996)
"The brightest spot of the entire film was definitely Sridevi, as the beautiful Lakshmi. This movie may not be the most astoundingly original story out there, or the happiest ending in the world, but the acting gives it some real meat. Particularly Sridevi in her transition from the wide-eyed, flirtatious young maiden to the hard-worn, devastated mother, makes this movie worth watching. This is perhaps not Arvind Swamy's strongest work, especially considering Roja and Bombay. His role is more subdued, especially compared to Sridevi's powerhouse performance. Then again, she has that way of stealing the show, doesn't she?"

Review from Bollystalgia


  1. Best actress of the indian film industry

  2. When did this movie release?

  3. I don't understand why this movie tanked at box office. The story was good, Music was beautiful and acting a sheer masterpiece. Sreedevi Garu is beyond beauty and words in this movie. Devaragam is SREEragam in true sense.
    The 'Daavani' scene, 'Pachhai Kumkumum ', the scene where Lakshmi is literally elevated from ground listening to her praise and the climax scene are my all time favorite.