Thursday, 28 February 2013

English Vinglish releases in China

We are so thrilled that English Vinglish will release all across China, Hong Kong and Macau in March 2013.

As one of the best films (well, according to us, THE best film) of 2012 churned out of Bollywood, we couldn't be happier that a world release of this film - which began its epic screen run in Toronto, now heads to China.

Sridevi's Asian Invasion!

Hope the film does as well, if not better, than 3 Idiots, which was a runaway hit in the Asian shore.

The film got a great introduction via a cover story in Post magazine - the largest English language publication in subcontinent - so, its got a leg up. We can't wait to see the responses.

Here's wishing Gauri Shinde/R Balki's hope productions all the best.

PS: For those in Hong Kong, Macau, you can buy your tickets online here.

UPDATE: Please note, English Vinglish is out for general preview on March 10 - tickets are on sale now! 


  1. 好帮啊!!!我会告诉我的中国朋友们一定要看看这部电影. 他们会理解shashi

  2. 好帮啊!!!我会告诉我的中国朋友们一定要看看这部电影. 他们会理解shashi