Saturday, 2 March 2013

Father Vincent speaks... off the collar.

Thrilled to get this note from Father Vincent from English Vinglish, i.e. actor and comic Ashvin A Mathew, as he had the singular, well, now double thrill of working with the one and only Sridevi. First in the movie and now, in an upcoming commercial, directed by the copiously curled and talented Gauri Shinde.

Hey everyone, 
I thought I'd share some experiences from the set. Sridevi ma'm had finished her master shot and it was time to shoot my reactions and lines, she actually sat down out of frame and gave me her lines to do the shot!!! Now how many stars would do that when it was perfectly OK for them to retire to the vanity van and the script coach would take the junior artists through with the lines? 

Sridevi is a class apart! And as I have said this many times over, if Gauri Shinde is directing, I'd even play an extra crossing the road.just for the sheer joy of working with her.

Peace, love and smiles to all,
Ashvin A Matthew

Archive of all the adverts Sridevi's appeared in since the 1980s here.
Chat with Sridevi and Gauri Shinde earlier here.


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