Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dance Again?

With neither confirmation nor denial, there are endless rumours floating again on Sridevi's next. The ever un-reliable talk online is Sri's about to sign a film to be directed by Prabhudeva. A dance-based flick. Though there's no denying Prabhudeva's mastery over the art of dance - be it western or Indian - he's also had a successful run at the box-office of late.

But... the cinematic quality of the films have been suspect. For all the money 'Don't angry me' flick Rowdy Rathore made, it certainly wasn't high-art cinema. But then, nothing succeeds like success being the mantra of Bollywood, this might be an exciting proposition at the tills.

Oh well. For us Sridevi fans, anything she does is A-ok! But until she confirms - and thank God for twitter - here's hopin' she does something. Soon! 

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