Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sridevi in white

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The severely underrated song and dance in Lamhe, 'Mohe chedho na'.

So many expressions, such grace. For an audience to be mesmerised by a solo performer, without the uniform of hundreds of background dancers providing colour and support, (noise and distraction!), it takes someone with Sri's mesmerising powers to keep one's attention for a long spate. Despite having starred in nearly 300 films (by her own admission), if the success of her recent film outings have proved, the audience is still not tired of watching her.

We keep going back to this gem of a number in Lamhe - her aura and her innate ability to express every lyric with such natural ease is just something else. She emotes so effortlessly, she makes it look so easy. Many she's inspired, many have copied. None have bettered.

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