Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sridevi with Rekha Poster

Sridevi with Rekha, (click to enlarge)

Mirror, mirror by my hand, 
in the cine-history of Bollywood, 
where will we stand? 

Sridevi with Rekha on a film set. Pouting and preening for the paparazzi that had gathered to capture to cine-icons of Indian cinema, the two South-Indian beauties had it all.

By the mid-1980s, the cine-zines had already crowned Sridevi as the Queen of Bollywood, shuffling aside Rekha (one of the great beauties and actresses of all-time). While the media tried to insinuate the two were arch rivals, the friends laughed it off. The alleged rift between the two came much later. Note - alleged rift. We don't really know what happened as film journalism in the 1980s is highly suspect. As we read scans of old magazines, we consume each byte with a pinch of salt. Focus on the pics, ignore most of the speculation.

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