Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sridevi in the film Army - the first film where she appeared with Shahrukh Khan. And sadly, in Zero, it will be the last time she'll appear on film with SRK.

Released in the summer of 1996, (June 28, 1996 to be precise!), in the wake of DDLJ fame, Shahrukh Khan was riding high and Sridevi had already acquired legend status. SRK said as much during the making of the film (youtube search!). While many went to see Khan, for us hardcore Sridevi fans, it was watching her shine once again in a... so-so film.

There are posits that no star can rise above a mediocre film or script. Sridevi often proved otherwise. Army was flawed... but Sridevi was fabulous. Something we found often while going through the rich archive of her illustrious career.

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