Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sridevi with Aamir Khan

In 1990, Sridevi was 26 and post-Chandni, the undisputed Queen of #Bollywood.. Aamir Khan was the rising young star, all of 25 with QSQT having just been released a year and a half ago. Movie magazine [editor Dinesh Raheja] brought the two together for a sensational cover shoot to relaunch the mag with its new, polished sheen and look. But experience (and possibly height!) meant that no producer thought of matching Sri and Aamir together on film. Aamir was only three films old (in sharp contrast) by 1990, Sridevi had already appeared in a whopping 41 Hindi films (we're not even counting her Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films!). Though Aamir was just a year younger than towering Sridevi, her larger-than-celluloid-life made her too big for him. A newbie and an established superstar. If only the two had done the Summer of 42 remake as a producer once tried... Sadly, it never came to be. However, the two remained staunch fans of the other... till her tragic passing in February 2018.

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