Thursday, 21 March 2019

Sridevi's sizzling sari stylin'

A few frames from the film Inquilaab (1984) where Sridevi graced the screen with her impeccable chiffon saris. Though this was still early days in Bollywood for Sridevi, by then, Sri had already won a Best Actress award (several as a child) and had through experience realised how important 'the look' was in a film. "Filmy fashion" was mostly a derogatory term until recent years. Sri, with her matching sari-blouse combo, consistent look per character on film tried to ensure for however long her screen time was, she looked picture perfect in every frame.

Famously, around the early 80s, long before celebrity endorsements, advertisement and 'brand ambassador-ship (a phrase coined by some clever PR!), Sridevi was doing ads for Indian Emporium saris, Bombay Dyeing etc. There were posters of Sridevi wearing her gorgeously draped saris in Hong Kong (particularly Tsim Tsa Tsui) from the mid 80s. If ever Vogue India does a chapter on film and fashion, Sridevi's title will stand out in bold. Just look at the long, long list of designer fans Sridevi has. Till date.

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