Friday, 10 May 2019

TBT: Salman Khan, "I'm nervous about working with Sridevi..."

Just two years after the release of his blockbuster Maine Pyar Kiya, and six hits in a row, Salman Khan was on the cover of Filmfare when he had just started working with Sridevi. In an earlier interview, he had mentioned she was on his wish-list of costars and with a string of hits, Khan called the shots and got two producers to rope in Sridevi to star with him. Filmfare got these quotes out of him in the summer of 1991.


Filmfare: And what about script-writing?
Salman Khan: Before I became an actor I’d written three scripts. Baaghi was one of the m. The other two, I’ll make when I become a director. The story of Bulund is mine and so is the story idea of Chandra Mukhi.

Talking of Chandra Mukhi, what’s it like working with Sridevi?
It’s good to work with an actress like her, but I'm scared. She has the reputation of finishing off the hero with her performance.”

Sridevi and Salman Khan at the launch of Chand Ka Tukda

Salman Khan and Sridevi in London

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