Monday, 14 September 2020

Top Ten Looks of Sridevi in Chandni - that were NOT in white!

Released 31 years ago on September 14, 1989, Chandni was a runaway blockbuster that brought melody and romance back to Bollywood, demarcating the end of the cacophony of the 1980s. The title role and character of Chandni is perhaps closest to the real Sridevi - as she herself professed in interviews. We've written soooo much about the film over the years, scroll back for a quick gander.  

Today, we are focusing on Sridevi's epic wardrobe in the film - possibly the finest of 80s fashion on film (second only to Rekha in Silsila - before you bark at us, watch Silsila again and reluctantly nod in agreement!). 

Sridevi had 68 looks and outfit changes in the nearly three hour film. Only 10 of them are in white! But as the title was Chandni by word - not wardrobe - association, the most memorable moments are engulfed in rolls of white fabric. Statistically in fact, she hardly wore the colour in the movie - but its the association with the poetry of Chandni that makes us think of ivory and lace and the virginal grace of the leading lady. For a romantic film, it's one of the most chaste movies made - as a Western reviewer friend of ours pointed out...

Here are the top ten looks by designers Bhanu Athiya (Academy Award winner), Neeta Lulla and Leena Daru (National Award winners) for the film. 

Sridevi sported a festival of colours - particularly in the first quarter of the movie - and then onward to monochrome chiffon saris. For many, the yellow sari stands out  - she wore two different kinds in the movie, the more gossamer version in the opening stanza of Tere Mere Hoton Pe - and the signature wet sari look from Lagi Aaj Saawan... 

Sridevi was just 25 when the film was made and already at her peak. Just when  you thought she couldn't be better... came Chaalbaaz, then Lamhe, then Laadla (which Yash Chopra praised) Judaai, English Vingish, Mom...  

Such infinite talent in such a finite life. We still can't get over this loss... Here's reflecting on the luminescent Sridevi in and as Chandni. 

* * * 

The White Light: Sridevi's most elegant outfit - in our opinion - is only on screen for a few seconds - in the last stanza of Tere Mere Hoton pe. A shimmering elegant, white sari as she and Rishi Kapoor strut around Switzerland. This rare picture below captures the best of the duo; where Sri and Rishi look so polished and perfect. 

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