Monday 7 February 2022

Bridal Pallavi in Lamhe: Sridevi's flawless performance in the classic

Sridevi as a bride in Lamhe. The film was beautiful, so was she. 

When I look at this screengrab of Sridevi as Pallavi the classic, am reminded of a quote from Anil Kapoor when he spoke to Filmfare magazine in the 90s.

"We did Lamhe together," says Anil Kapoor "I didn’t agree with her interpretation of the role in Lamhe. There was no need for her to be extra glamorous and wear coloured lenses while playing the Rajasthani belle. In any case, she was doing such sort of stuff in her other films. But her acting in the film was something else. Why should I complain? She even won the Filmfare award for it."

May 1996 

You can read the full interview in the archive here
Oddly enough, we even agree with the constructive criticism by Kapoor as it comes from a good place - the intention is good, its to improve not belittle the great actress who was surrounded by Yes-men around that time. 

We've had too many rabid fans shake in rage at even the slightest critique of Sridevi - more so after her tragic death - but blind faith and fanaticism leads to nowhere good!