Wednesday, 1 June 2011


A short and sweet interview with Sridevi from the sets of Roop Ki Rani...
Pics from her fab 'dukhiyari Madrasi' scene. She really was the best thing in the film!


Q: You’ve attained the kind of success that no woman has. How do you feel?
A: Frankly I’m just an ordinary woman in an extraordinary situation, that’s all. Otherwise, I’m like any other person, a woman!

Q: What do you like most about your life?
A: The best thing about my life is being who I am – Sreedevi. Besides that, I have always led a very protected and sheltered life. I have never had to face any problems, my family always kept them away. But now, I have to face life and deal with my own problems.

Q: If and when you do get involved in a relationship, what would you look for?
A: The man should be very understanding and should love me all the time. In fact, we should learn to love – love should grow and not die.

Q: Have you ever thought of retiring?
A: No way! I still have a long way to go. I will never let my fans down. But I won’t let my fans chase me away either. Before that, I will gracefully step down.

Q: Was there ever a moment when you felt like bunking work?
A: Oh yes! I hate doing fight scenes. So whenever the director says that I have to do a fight sequence, I feel like bunking shooting. I really feel like running away!

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