Thursday, 3 October 2013

Blurred Lines

For a (relatively) conservative nation that demarcates women into categories in its cinema ("suffering mother", "virginal heroine", "unmarried sister", "villain's moll", "cabaret dancer" etc!), there have been many iconic Bollywood actresses that blurred the lines.

They weren't holier-than-thou heroines, nor were they vamps who trailed the villains in skimpy sequined clothes.  Somewhere along the middle perhaps, they stood tall, embracing their sensuality, leading ladies of their decade made the heartbeat of their audience pulsate a bit stronger.

Be it Sharmila Tagore (1970s), Sridevi ('80s), Urmila ('90s) or Anushka Sharma ('00s). What sets them apart from other sex symbols of their era (Zeenat Aman to Bipasha Basu and others of that silken ilk), is that each are fine actresses in their own right who've proved their mettle, and yet remained unafraid to reveal their hedonistic sides.

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