Monday, 27 July 2020

Autograph please

The caption on the left picture reads "Sreedevi". As the pedantic have pointed out, technically we've got the name of this fan blog, the Facebook fan page, Twitter account spelled wrong; Its "Sreedevi" not "Sridevi", as her official documents (passports, visa papers) and autograph (ample evidence below) proves. When the actress took to social media in 2012, she (or her team) picked SrideviBKapoor, not SreedeviBKapoor!

Somewhere along the way in the 1980s, "Sree-" turned to "Sri-". We don't know when and why; someone proposed that it might be as film hoardings painted by labour artists charged by the alphabet, so ever persnickety and penny... well, paisa-pinching producers abbreviated! To save the all-mighty Ruppee! There's no evidence or reliable verification of this, but in the wild wild west of the web, accuracy be damned, interesting anecdotes and semi-truths live on.

A rose by any other name... etc etc.

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