Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Way back Wednesday: Rishi Kapoor talks about the impromptu scenes shot with Sridevi in Yash Chopra's classic Chandni

Rishi Kapoor, "When we started working in Chandni, she had become more conversant and confident with her Hindi and English. We did a lot of improvisation on the set, on almost every scene. Like the cognac scene was not written the way it was in the film. 

On another occasion, we were shooting the title track in which I give her my ice-cream and when I asked her for the cone, she showed me a thenga (thumb gesture). That was impromptu. Can you believe that? We could sense what the other was thinking about, while filming our scenes together. 

That was the fun of working with another artiste who made everything look and feel real. She brought to the table what no one else did. The way she and I conversed in Chandni was so fresh; it was different for lovers to behave like that with each other."

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